The North Face is one of the most trusted outdoor companies out there, they provide me with top of the range clothing and shoes, which gives me the comfort to take on some of the world's hardest trail runs. 


Hong Kong Sports Clinic, is lead by Hong Kong’s most talented and energetic physiotherapist Joseph March. Joe and his team make sure my body is ready for a heavy schedule of training and racing. They look after me with corrections to align my body, sports massage to soothe my sore muscles and needling to heal my tense tendons. Their input is key in keeping me injury free


Bix is my go-to supplement for recovery and hydration. Recovery is super important for athletes and Bix is there to help me recover faster and train harder 


ALKA12™ is the world's purest 100% natural magnesium products committed to boosting wellness and energy for LIFE, poised as the pioneer in the sports industry. 

ALKA12™ is a magnesium sports massage gel that's must be applied directly to the skin where it gets absorbed. The most necessary minerals for sports nutrition and proper functioning under high exertion during sports. It plays a fundamental role in optimal muscle contraction, skeletal strength, and energy production helping to maintain proper oxygenation of muscle tissues necessary for athletic performance. 

ALKA12™ supports me to reach new goals and break more records by helping to boost my overall wellness, regaining my energy and recovering faster 


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I take my Fenix 3 on all my runs and I can count on it to give me the right data on training runs and races. 
Garmin being one of the best GPS watches companies out there I know that my data is accurate and reliable

Trail Hunter was created to provide a better online shopping experience for Hong Kong trail runners. They offer great advice on gear and nutrition, efficient customer service, competitive prices, and a satisfaction guarantee. Best of all, they are passionate trail runners so they get it.