Combining technology with years of experience and coaching expertise, Vlad will advise you on areas for improvement within your running form, both in terms of performance enhancement and injury prevention.


Slow-motion video analysis provides exceptional insight into an athlete’s movement patterning, areas of muscular imbalance, weakness, restriction, and compensatory patterns.


Vlad will identify possible root causes of running injuries and areas for potential improvements in speed and efficiency. Following a thorough video analysis of your running form, Vlad provide you with specific drills, cues and exercises to correct identified flaws and imbalances in a full form analysis report which will be emailed out to you with in 48 hours.


Running form analysis includes a one hour one on one coaching session with Vlad where he will video record you running and will test strengths and weakness with various exercises.


  • Please note that the one on one coaching service has a cancellation policy where we require at least 24 hours notification or we will charge the full amount of the session, so do kindly let us know earlier if you have a change in schedule