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Transitioning from life as a student 4 years ago Vlad is a self-made athlete. His passion for running and the outdoors has fuelled his insatiable desire to read and research and investigate training techniques that will maximise performance. His ability to analyse performance - to learn from what works and what doesn't - has expedited his rise to the top of ultra running. This highly analytical ability was developed throughout his childhood years as a tennis player, competing in the Junior Australian Open. Vlad utilised his knowledge of tennis as a coach for 4 years, training some of the nation's best juniors.


Vlad's passion for sport and endurance led him to a job as a personal trainer, training clients from a diversity of backgrounds and fitness levels. While this provided Vlad with a wealth of experience in training stimuli, it did not satisfy his enthusiasm for the outdoors and helping people in what he really loves, running.


Click below if you are intrested in taking part in trail running clinics or one on one coaching in Hong Kong 

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